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Digital Marketing Services. Noninfluencer Services are backed by no-nonsense science of marketing. Our team uses the information you provide us to recommend the best steps and strategies . No fluff – just practically formulated actions with integrity to bring the results. Strongest vertical  – defining the company/brand communication: brand visual, tone & the voice. Ability to see and put together small details in one cohesive picture and to communicate it humanly manner. Analytical, efficient & creative marketing approach. Most creative about – brand positioning and  communication delivered through creative and somewhat unconventional marketing. Due a long term experience in management field within different business verticals, we understand well the mechanisms what drives the business results, besides how the brand should and could look like.  We will bind together the creative side with the business goals on the project delivery. Noninfluencer Marketing Agency main focusing is on brand communications and visual storytelling. It is essentially for a  brand that the subjects gets people talking and sharing in social space. We capture, create and design the stories for the brands, to help deliver the message people really want to see, read and relate. Let’s build relationships, ideas & kick-ass brands.
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  • Descripción
    Having a social media presence without the strategy and plan, can be just as damaging for your business as no plan at all.
    Instagram and Pinterest for example as visual platforms are designed for to post, share, comment and engage through digital media visually - as the they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    The key is to create clear social media visual style and imago which will help to attract, grow and retain the community of followers and generate direct sales. Communications must be a mix of visual and mood creation - giving sense of speaking the same language.
    ➕Brand visual guidelines for social.
    ➕Setting up al relevant social channels which are missing and intensive content posting to get it in the move.
    ➕Daily posts/cross sharing on all social channels depends of business profile - Instagram, Pinterest, FB, LinkedIN and Google my business.
    ➕Google SEO & social SEO - metatags and copywrite for the content.
    ➕Pictures metatags, describtion, mini blogpost (posts content) to boost the organic search in Google and social channels.
    ➕Campaigns recommendations for affiliate partners to reach for a new channels and buld up additional customer stream.
    (25) Habilidades en Redes Sociales
    Social Media StrategySocial Media MarketingPublicidad en Pinterestpersonalización de redes socialesPinterest MarketingVídeo para redes socialesContenido para redes socialesRedes socialesCréation de contenu rédactionnel et visuelSocial Media Campaign+15
    (5) Trabajos en Redes Sociales
    Angels Property Services - Redes Sociales
    Sands Villas Legacy Collection - Redes Sociales
    Boutique Cocktail Bar in Marbella - Redes Sociales
    Event Management Marbella - Redes Sociales
    (5) Clientes en Redes Sociales
    Cocktail Bar MarbellaEntretenimiento y eventos | local
    Sands VillasPropiedad inmobiliaria | national
    After Dinner CocktailsBebidas | regional
    Angels Property ServicesServicios en el hogar | regional

    Más información sobre Redes Sociales

  • Descripción
    “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” . Simply put “Making a mark” that is including : a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. It is also, the tone or voice of communication, the style, the colours, the behaviour, the beliefs and values system, the tribe around it and persons who are associated with it. We help to design, capture and share your brand visual about your business, services, the culture and people behind of it.

    Graphic & Creative : Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, InDesign, SP, DW, PP, Google Sheets, Google Slides. We bring your business to live on website – UI/UX WordPress. Photo & Videography – corporate, commercial or social. Branding roadmap, project management and delivery from scratch.
    (25) Habilidades en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Conception de SloganBrandingBrand PositioningVideo & Film ProductionProject ManagementStorytellingBrand StrategyPhotographyBrand GuidelinesPost Production+15
    (5) Trabajos en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Angels Property Services - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Sands Villas Legacy Collection - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Boutique Cocktail Bar in Marbella - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Event Management Marbella - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    (5) Clientes en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Sands VillasPropiedad inmobiliaria | national
    Cocktail Bar MarbellaEntretenimiento y eventos | local
    FH MarbellaVinos y licores | local
    After Dinner CocktailsBebidas | regional

    Más información sobre Branding y posicionamiento de marca

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5 trabajos subidos por Noninfluencer Full-stack Marketing Agency

Angels Property Services
Angels Property Services

Proyecto realizado para Angels Property Services en el sector Servicios en el hogar para un público B2B / B2C en 2020.Ongoing Marketing and SMM . Website & Social SEO , campaigns management, graphic design, mail campaigns creative .

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingDiseño Gráfico+6
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Sands Villas Legacy Collection
Sands Villas Legacy Collection

Proyecto realizado para Sands Villas en el sector Propiedad inmobiliaria para un público B2B / B2C en 2020.Full Stack Marketing & Social Media Management - website development , SEO, Google AD's, Google Analytics etc. SEO / SEM paid and organic.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingCreación de Sitios Web+7
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Boutique Cocktail Bar in Marbella
Boutique Cocktail Bar in Marbella

Proyecto realizado para FH Marbella en el sector Vinos y licores para un público B2C en 2016.During 2 years, start up of the conceptual cocktail bar in Marbella/Puerto Banus - developing the concept, location, redesign, branding, marketing, promoting and managing, full circle service provided with all points

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaEventosFotografía+3
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Event Management Marbella
Event Management Marbella

Proyecto realizado para Cocktail Bar Marbella en el sector Entretenimiento y eventos para un público B2C en 2016.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaEstrategia digitalEventos+3
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Visual Social Content for social media marketing
Visual Social Content for social media marketing

Proyecto realizado para After Dinner Cocktails en el sector Bebidas para un público B2C en 2016.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaEstrategia de contenidosEstrategia digital+2
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Bené VidahoraOwner and Managing Director en Cryonis
I am super happy with the work of Rauni! I have been so long looking for somebody to take over my social media. I've hot dissapoited very often before but She even exceeded my expectations! Check my Instagram cryonis_marbella to see by yourself! We got 2 requests per day over insta and as well all other social media channels are perfectly setted up! She has great ideas and puts all her efforts to make you successful! After every month she shows you clear statistics where you can see how her work is improving your business. So all in all highly recommended!

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