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Cedric Faltin, Creative Director at Alpaga Studio
The first positive experience we had with Sortlist was with Softscale. I accepted the project and wrote up a short text to convince them. Apparently it convinced them since Softscale's CEO directly phoned me, we joked around on the phone and then we met up.
Cedric FaltinCreative Director at Alpaga Studio
Guy Geerts, Managing Director at Darwin BBDO
Knowing the market, there was certainly a need for something that could add some structure or some mild continuity there. And I think the new proposition of Sortlist in the market is something that addresses that need.
Guy GeertsManaging Director at Darwin BBDO
Sylvie Lillywhite, Partner at
The biggest value-added of Sortlist, is that we get introduced to highly qualified leads. They have a real need and they've already allocated a budget and scheduled a deadline for that need.
Sylvie LillywhitePartner at
Emmanuel de la Bouillerie, Managing Director at Canal Web
We had a very good relationship with the Marketing Director of this big company. I am convinced it was a perfect match. We totally understood his business challenges and the technical solutions we were able to offer were perfectly meeting his expectations.
Emmanuel de la BouillerieManaging Director at Canal Web
Marie Krafft, Founder at Text in The City
If I had to summarize Sortlist benefits in a few words, I would say that it’s a really pleasant and helpful assistant to agencies business development.
Marie KrafftFounder at Text in The City
Manuel Noirfalise, Co-Founder of BluBird
I'm very happy with the tool, it's easy to use and briefings are detailed enough to decide to go for an offer or not. For an acceptable pricing, I get in touch with qualified and targeted leads so I can spend more time with them rather than prospecting.
Manuel NoirfaliseCo-Founder of BluBird
Jean-Baptiste Quesnay, CEO of Trends Paris
The service is easy to manage, and the results are awesome! Sortlist makes the business work for you: you just have to score the goal!
Jean-Baptiste QuesnayCEO of Trends Paris
Evelien Olaerts, Communications Advisor at RCA Group
As an agency, using Sortlist is really time-saving. You directly get full information about the company (budget, briefing, clients name,...) so the process goes really fast and easily. We get opportunities on a regular basis and we won several projects.
Evelien OlaertsCommunications Advisor at RCA Group
Anne-Mie Vansteelant, Managing Partner at Living Stone
I got in contact with a prospect. We immediately got a good personal 'click', we then came up with a marketing plan and today they still are a great customer who we work with. Sortlist is a smart generator of new business.
Anne-Mie VansteelantManaging Partner at Living Stone
Nicolas Gaete Del Rio, New Business Manager at Mister Jekyll
It became a very natural relationship. At the end of the project, they came to us, we made a little analysis and they said they were very satisfied with the collaboration. They asked us to become partners on other projects for their clients.
Nicolas Gaete Del RioNew Business Manager at Mister Jekyll
Leónidas Fuster, CEO of Fetèn
Sortlist is the showcase every agency should have.
Leónidas FusterCEO of Fetèn
Guillaume Rotrou, General Manager at Insign
Sortlist offer a new model of relationship between agencies and businesses based on an smart mix between human and digital experience.
Guillaume RotrouGeneral Manager at Insign
Mathieu Collet, Founder & CEO at Euros / Agency
Sortlist is like a Tinder for agencies, except that it results with sustainable relationships.
Mathieu ColletFounder & CEO at Euros / Agency
Marc Wellens, Managing Director & Founder at Duval Branding
Leads, speed en opportunities to power up your business initiatives.
Marc WellensManaging Director & Founder at Duval Branding
Matthias Stephens, Founder & Co-manager at Esign
Sortlist is a young, enthusiastic start-up with big ambitions, and thanks to the motivated team and a well-functioning platform, which is constantly being improved
Matthias StephensFounder & Co-manager at Esign
Alexia Berrebi, Project Manager at Agence 148
In my opinion, Sortlist is kind of the Tinder of agencies and companies with less trouble.
Alexia BerrebiProject Manager at Agence 148
Sergio Serrano, Founder & CEO at Brandominus
In my opinion, Sortlist is kind of the Tinder of agencies and companies with less trouble.
Sergio SerranoFounder & CEO at Brandominus
Cédric Menier, Managing Director at Echo Studio
What I find of interest in Sortlist is its profitability, speed, and visibility it offers to your activity and agency.
Cédric MenierManaging Director at Echo Studio
Virginia Frutos, Media Director at Everythink
For me, Sortlist democratizes the agencies competition and ease the contact with the client.
Virginia FrutosMedia Director at Everythink
Thomas Paris, Lead Growth Strategist & Founder of Madkings
For about 1 year, we have invested about €4000 and we have had between €150.000 and €200.000 turnover with Sortlist.
Thomas ParisLead Growth Strategist & Founder of Madkings
Rubén Gago, Co-founder of Blubber
From my point of view, Sortlist is the ideal commercial partner. You don´t need to take care of getting new opportunities, they bring it to you.
Rubén GagoCo-founder of Blubber
Thomas Van Den Driessche, Co-founder of Fifty Fifty Studio
I think we've been on Sortlist for about one year and a half and the question of return on investment does not even arise, it is more than good.
Thomas Van Den DriesscheCo-founder of Fifty Fifty Studio

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