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Infrastructure Web Engineer

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Infrastructure Web Engineer en Sortlist

Infrastructure teams at Sortlist are responsible for building the shared tools, service components and systems that underscore Product and Engineering’s ability to deliver high availability services, build and iterate on products quickly, and make data informed decisions. We also improve the scalability and performance of our applications through providing architecture design reviews, in-depth performance profiling, and building accessible tools for engineers to characterize the bottlenecks and interactions within and between an ever-growing number of systems. We are looking for a candidate that will be in charge of this role at Sortlist. This candidate should share a passion for building scalable service oriented platforms with experience in any of the following areas.

Requirements & Responsabilities

  • 2+ years industry experience
  • Performance benchmarking and diagnostic tools
  • Experience with service oriented architectures and breaking monoliths into microservices
  • Container management: Docker. Container orchestration is a plus (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • Amazon Web Services ecosystem: EC2, S3, Cloudfront, IAM, Lambda, Machine Learning.
  • Database administration: Postgresql.
  • Data visualization
  • Event relay and streaming
  • Monitoring, tracing, and profiling
  • System monitoring and log management
  • Working proficiency in English required
Sharing a passion for building scalable and service oriented platforms

Acerca de nosotros

Sortlist es una startup tecnológica con sede en Bélgica. Mediante una innovadora aplicación web altamente vinculada a redes profesionales, Sortlist está reinventando la forma de buscar agencias de marketing y comunicación para las empresas de cualquier tamaño o ubicación.


  • Join us at the start of this exciting time of growth acceleration.
  • Get a taste of the development of an international startup.
  • Unique successful/growing/challenging/funded/niche startup.
  • Fun, casual environment.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Competitive wage.


Si te interesa, ponte en contacto con our CTO Charlesenviándole un correo electrónico. Echa un vistazo a nuestra empresa en Facebook, our blog or LinkedIn.

Charles for Sortlist’s team