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🇪🇸 ¿Cómo nos describiríamos a nosotros mismos? Somos una agencia digital 360° , un tipo de recurso que brinda una amplia gama de servicios digitales bajo un mismo techo, en los que las empresas generalmente no tienen su propia experiencia. Hablamos varias idiomas diferentes , así que no habrán problemas de comunicación. Somos una agencia que respeta y da vida a numerosos objetivos de los clientes, pero el objetivo final es ayudar aumentar las ventas de productos y servicios a través de un gran esfuerzo de equipo de nuestros expertos. Nuestra agencia consta de muchos especialistas con diferentes antecedentes, y es lo que siempre ayuda a echar un vistazo al proyecto desde diferentes perspectivas. 🧑‍⚖‍ Estaremos encantados de ganar su confianza y llevar a cabo cualquier proyecto para usted. 🧑‍💻 Con amor, Brain Family. 🇬🇧 How would we describe ourselves? We are a 360° digital agency , kind of a resource that provides a wide variety of digital services under one umbrella that a business typically does not have in-house expertise in. We are speaking several different languages so, no habrá problemas de comunicación :) We are an agency that respects and brings to life numerous client goals , but the ultimate goal is to help you increase your product and service sales through a huge expertise team effort. Our agency consists of many specialists with different backgrounds, which always helps to take a look at the task from different perspectives.🧑‍⚖‍ We would be very happy to gain your trust and conduct any project for you. 🧑‍💻 With Love, Brain family. 🇫🇷 Comment parlons-nous de nous-mêmes? Nous sommes une agence numérique 360° , une sorte de ressource qui fournit une grande variété de services numériques en un seul organisme généralement pour les entreprises n’ayant pas d'expertise interne. Nous parlons plusieurs langues différentes, so you won’t have any problem of communication :) Nous sommes une agence qui respecte et donne vie à de nombreux objectifs de ses clients, mais notre but final est de vous aider à augmenter vos ventes de produits et de services grâce à un énorme travail d'équipe d'expertise. Notre agence est composée de nombreux spécialistes d'horizons différents, ce qui aide toujours à examiner la tâche sous différents angles. 🧑‍⚖‍ Nous serions ravis de gagner votre confiance et de réaliser tout projet pour vous. 🧑‍💻 Affectueusement, Brain Family. العربية كيف نصف أنفسنا؟ نحن وكالة رقمية التي توفر نوع من الموارد لمجموعة متنوعة من الخدمات الرقمية في مؤسسة واحدة، عادة للشركات التي ليس لديها خبرة داخلية. نحن نتحدث عدة لغات مختلفة، لذلك لن تواجه أي مشكلة في التواصل معنا وكالتنا تحترم و تحقق العديد من أهداف عملائنا، و هدفنا النهائي دائما يتمثل في مساعدتك على زيادة مبيعاتك من المنتجات والخدمات من خلال عمل فريقنا الهائل من الخبرة تتكون وكالتنا من العديد من المتخصصين من خلفيات مختلفة، مما يساعد دائمًا في النظر إلى المهمة من زوايا مختلفة🧑‍⚖‍ سنكون سعداء لكسب ثقتك و تنفيذ أي مشروع لك 🧑‍💻 مع خالص التقدير، براين فاميلي OUR SERVICES: Digital & SMM ⚡ Instagram, FB, Telegram, TikTok Reputation management Digital Strategy Influence marketing Targeting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Website Strategy Social Media Marketing Email outreach Re-targeting Quality Link Building Affiliate Marketing Integrated Online Marketing Strategies Web & Mobile production 💻 Interface design and development (UX/UI) Website development Mobile App development Integration with CRM, etc AI Ecommerce Apps Flutter Mobile Apps Tablet app. HTML5 mobile. iOS app Android Application Development On time delivery and budget optimization Assistance with embedding your mobile app in the Instore and play store Distribution: Marketing and Advertising Cross-platform Business, needs, and requirement analysis UX/UI testing Wireframe and custom design architecture Cross-platform mobile app development and extensive integration Social media Integration Website redesign services CMS development Content development and content marketing Brand Interface creation Advanced analytics tracking Optimization for SEO Lead form creation and tracking Regular on-demand updating Website Maintenance Creative & Content ✨ Photo & Video production Copywriting Motion design Content Generation and Optimization Content Marketing Design Multicultural Marketing
35 personas en su equipo
Habla Árabe, Catalán, Español, Francés, Inglés
29 trabajos en su portfolio
Trabaja de forma remota en todo el mundo
Miembro de Sortlist desde 2022
Fundado en 2012
10 premios conferidos


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  • Descripción
    Digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or reimagining current processes. It specifies the direction an organization will take to create new competitive advantages with technology, as well as the tactics it will use to achieve these changes. This usually includes changes to business models, as new technology makes it possible for innovative companies to provide services that weren’t previously possible.

    Today, technology has integrated with business to become something more than hardware or software. As digital technology becomes more pervasive and companies move further in the journey of digital transformation, digital strategy and business strategy will be the same thing. For now, it is still useful to use the term “digital strategy” to focus the effort behind digital initiatives.

    It’s important to remember that digital strategy is both a concept and a thing — that is, a digital strategy should eventually lead to the creation of a concrete plan or roadmap. While you can keep changing the specific tactics you’ve decided to pursue, there should also be a clear commitment to your understanding of what digital means for your company.

    So, here we are to help you!
    (84) Habilidades en Estrategia digital
    seo rankingSocial Media PlanningSocial Media AdsSocial Media MarketingEmail MarketingSEOCommunity ManagementSocial MediaOnline MarketingFacebook Video Marketing+74
    (26) Trabajos en Estrategia digital
    Development of a Promo Website for Heineken - Estrategia digital
    Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store) - Estrategia digital
    Development of a Promo Website for Mövenpick - Estrategia digital
    Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program - Estrategia digital
    (3) Reseñas en Estrategia digital
    Aleksey Grunchev
    Alena Kaloshina
    Alexander Kochanov
    (26) Clientes en Estrategia digital
    TGI Fridays Franchisor LLCCatering | international
    Kamis S.ACatering | national
    NestléCatering | international
    VesnaVenta por menor | regional

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  • Descripción
    Developing a Website is all about expressing the company's identity. Put all your skills and experience to work and design a website that shows how you’re different from other companies.

    For each project, we prepare personally because every business has its own goals and visions.

    In our quotes, we often include a brief outline of what will be involved in building a new website. This can help our clients understand what they need to prepare for as well as give them an idea of how much time is required for each phase.

    Shortly explaining this are the phases to which we adhere in order to satisfy your needs:

    • Clear goal definition
    • Deep analytics
    • Choosing the right tech stack
    • UI & simplistic design ( Clear navigation, Engaging visuals, Easy-to-read typography).
    • Performance and speed
    • Scalability
    • Wireframing
    • Design
    • Web security threats
    • Server setup & configuration
    • CMS setup & configuration
    • Content handling
    • Website development
    • Content lockdown and testing
    • Launch
    • Support, analysis & promotion

    Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you bring your goals into reality!
    (78) Habilidades en Creación de Sitios Web
    JWT securityfront end edvelopmentUX customizationUX expertse-commerce B2Ce-commerce B2BJavaonline e-commercesoftware analysisUX UI ergonomics+68
    (24) Trabajos en Creación de Sitios Web
    Development of a Promo Website for Heineken - Creación de Sitios Web
    Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store) - Creación de Sitios Web
    Development of a Promo Website for Mövenpick - Creación de Sitios Web
    Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program - Creación de Sitios Web
    (4) Reseñas en Creación de Sitios Web
    Sergey Uskov
    Stasy Zemskova
    Egor Laptev
    Sergey Shcherbinin
    (24) Clientes en Creación de Sitios Web
    AlpsAdvisorViajes y ocio | national
    VesnaVenta por menor | regional
    TGI Fridays Franchisor LLCCatering | international
    KamisCatering | national

    Más información sobre Creación de Sitios Web

  • Descripción
    You've seen the social media success stories and decided you want to up your social media marketing game.

    Only, it's a little challenging to get it right yourself.

    So it's time to hire a social media agency, but you're not quite sure what we can do for you.

    Social media marketing has two purposes: to say what your brand wants to say and to say what your audience wants to hear.

    We use our resources and know-how to create engaging content and navigate social media platforms to place that content in front of the right audience.

    When done correctly, this results in a lower cost per customer acquisition and higher returns on investment.

    1. Social Media Management
    -Content creation
    -Copywriting for social media posts
    -Content scheduling
    -Community management

    2. Paid Social Advertising
    -Social Media advertising (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube)
    -Advertising on Pinterest
    -Advertising on TikTok
    -Advertising on Twitter

    3. Video & Photo Production for Social Media
    -Video Production
    -Photo production
    -Video Editing
    -Photo Editing
    -Motion Graphics

    4. Influencer Marketing
    -Macro Influencers
    -Micro Influencers

    5. Social Media Reporting

    Here are the key things that we measure at The Social Shepherd:

    -Paid Social Reporting
    -ROAS by stage of the funnel
    -Performance by targeting (interests, lookalikes, broad audiences etc)
    -ROAS by placement and platform
    -CTR, CPM and CPC
    -Creative performance
    -Organic Social Reporting
    -Engagement (comments and shares)
    -Organic Reach
    -Page & account growth
    -Individual post-performance
    -Boosted post-performance

    We're a results-driven agency and combine our substantial experience in order to provide a creative output to make brands like yours grow faster.
    (76) Habilidades en Redes Sociales
    instagram filter campaignmarketing video productioncommercial video productionLive CoverageActive RespondingArabic ContentCreatives Assetsphoto productionTik TokAnalytics & Reporting+66
    (3) Trabajos en Redes Sociales
    Full Social Media Marketing for Legend of Baikal - Redes Sociales
    Development of a Social Media Strategy for Kamis - Redes Sociales
    Video for Spice Brand Kamis - Redes Sociales
    (2) Reseñas en Redes Sociales
    Serebrennikov Dmitry
    Evgeniy Permyakov
    (3) Clientes en Redes Sociales
    TK Baikal AquaBebidas | national
    Kamis S.A.Catering | national
    Kamis S.A.Catering | international

    Más información sobre Redes Sociales

  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (5) Habilidades en Publicidad
    Digital advertisingMotion DesignMobile AdvertisingConversion Rate Optimization360º advertising
    (3) Trabajos en Publicidad
    Development of a Social Media Strategy for Kamis - Publicidad
    Development of a Brand Stand for Kamis - Publicidad
    Video for Spice Brand Kamis - Publicidad
    (3) Clientes en Publicidad
    Kamis S.A.Catering | national
    Kamis S.A.Catering | national
    Kamis S.A.Catering | international

    Más información sobre Publicidad

  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (19) Trabajos en E-commerce
    Development of a Promo Website for Heineken - E-commerce
    Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store) - E-commerce
    Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program - E-commerce
    Development of a Wine Website Catalogue - E-commerce
    (19) Clientes en E-commerce
    Perfetti Van MelleCatering | national
    NestléCatering | national
    VesnaVenta por menor | regional
    AlpsAdvisorViajes y ocio | national

    Más información sobre E-commerce

  • Descripción
    Mobile App development is thriving like never before. With the invention and innovation of new mobile devices and OS’, it has now become absolutely imperative for every business to create Mobile Apps presenting their products and services.

    Though making a business App has become a common task, if you are looking at your app as a tool for your business growth, then you need adequate strategies, effort, cost and right sort of marketing campaigns.

    Mobile Application Development for a Business is not just a technological innovation. You need business knowledge and skills to develop a user-friendly application.

    So, that's why we are here for you :)

    The crucial part is to understand the clients needs, goals, and make sure there is a decent communication between us in order to conduct and present amazing projects.

    Here are the main steps we tend to have:

    • Clear goal definition
    • Deep analytics
    • Design a user-friendly interface.
    • Ensure that the application interface is adaptive.
    • UX/UI
    • Plan possible cross-platform compatibility.
    • Optimize the code for any conditions.
    • Select the right SDLC model and tools.
    • Testing
    • Focus on Marketing Strategy
    • Remain within deadlines & budgets

    Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you bring your goals into reality!
    (76) Habilidades en App móvil
    ipad appiOS Game DevelopmentProduction managementTime managementUI toolkit integrationdevice agnosticiPhone iPad appcollection of backlinksgps navigation appoptimisation UI+66
    (14) Trabajos en App móvil
    Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store) - App móvil
    Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program - App móvil
    Mobile App Development for Rocketbank - App móvil
    Mobile App Development for G-Energy - App móvil
    (1) Reseña en App móvil
    Natalya Bereznyaya
    (14) Clientes en App móvil
    NestléCatering | national
    Kamis S.ACatering | national
    Go Travel Un LimitedViajes y ocio | international
    JSC OTICEPHARMHospitales & salud | national

    Más información sobre App móvil

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29 trabajos subidos por Brain Family

Development of a Promo Website for Heineken
Development of a Promo Website for Heineken

Proyecto realizado para Heineken N.V. en el sector Bebidas para un público B2C.We have developed a promo website for the world leader in the production of premium beers and ciders with the following functionality: * Registration of receipts for Heineken products from Magnit stores * Automatic determination of winners * Cashback to mobile phone account * SMS gateway integrationTechnologies: Backend (php), Frontend (js: jquery)

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebBranding y posicionamiento de marca+9
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Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store)
Development of a Mobile App for Kamis (App Store)

Proyecto realizado para Kamis S.A en el sector Catering para un público B2C.We have created a mobile application so that the user can learn more about the brand, and dishes that can be cooked with Kamis, choose their favorite recipes, and add their own. It's also easy to find a dish by ingredients, share a recipe with friends, and find interest groups.+ integrated hints from the brand into all recipes and added the “Where to buy?” functionality, with the ability to find the nearest store selling Kamis spices.Technologies: Backend (php), Frontend (flutter)

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebApp móvil+11
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Development of a Promo Website for Mövenpick
Development of a Promo Website for Mövenpick

Proyecto realizado para Nestlé en el sector Catering para un público B2C.We have developed a simple but at the same time eye-catching promo website with the following functionality: * Product Catalog * Interactive map with points of sale * Blog

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebConsultoría de Datos+7
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Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program
Datsun Promo Website development + Loyalty Program

Proyecto realizado para Nissan en el sector Transporte para un público B2C.Our Team has developed a promo website for the car brand "Datsun".

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebApp móvil+8
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Mobile App Development for Rocketbank
Mobile App Development for Rocketbank

Proyecto realizado para Rocketbank en el sector Aviación y aeroespacial para un público B2B / B2C.A very cool project for Rocketbank.Our team had to develop a Mobile Application that allowed us to show perfect timing at what time the satellite will be in orbit for you to see wherever you have located the brightest star in space (which actually was a satellite) that reflects the sun's rays. As well as that, we had to send the satellite to space and make sure, that it would open its solar reflectors correctly.

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebApp móvil+5
Leer más
Website Development for Formalist
Website Development for Formalist

Proyecto realizado para Formalist en el sector Utilidades para un público B2B / B2C.Our Team has managed to develop a complex website that allows to conveniently work with big data & graphs, pie charts, etc.

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebConsultoría de Datos+7
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We are a full-service Production Agency. A team of creatives, and dreamers coming from different diverse backgrounds. We are excited about helping you out in bringing your visions into a reality! We pride ourselves on always putting the client's needs before our own.
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IKRA Digital Strategy Certification2013-07-01Digital Strategy
Google Ads Search Certification2022-07-01Digital Marketing
Google Ads Creative Certification2022-07-01Digital Marketing
SMM Battle Winner2014-02-01Social Media Marketing
1C-Bitrix certified partner2021-07-31E-commerce
amoCRM official partner2016-05-30CRM
Tagline Rating "Top 10" (2016)2017-01-01
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11 reseñas de Brain Family

(11 reseñas)
Natalya BereznyayaAccount Manager en LLC “Agency BOOST”
ServicioApp móvil
Je suis très impressionné par le travail que l’équipe fasse. Ils ont démontré qu’ils sont bien flexibles, attentifs, professionnels et amoureux par ce qu’ils font. Je considère que travailler avec l’équipe Brain Family est vraiment rentable puisqu’ils vont bien au-delà de leur domaine d’application en terme d’idées de produits et du développement. J’ai bien aimé leur approche qui consiste à conserver tout le travail avec transparence. Donc vous pouvez compter sur eux à 100%. Le développement de l’application mobile a été accompli à l’heure et le résultat a été meilleur que prévu.

ServicioApp móvil

Evgeniy PermyakovHead of coworking design factory Flacon en Flacon
ServicioRedes Sociales
Les membres de l'équipe Brain Family sont d’excellents communicateurs! Ils sont hautement fiables, réceptifs et animés par le travail qu'ils accomplissent. Ils obtiennent toujours d'excellents résultats en SMM grâce à leur créativité, leur flexibilité et leur capacité à s'adapter à tous les besoins de leurs clients.

ServicioRedes Sociales

Alexander KochanovHead en Sunshine EDA
ServicioEstrategia digital
By partnering we received a decent service that raised up our SEM campaign and upgraded the reach to the target audience that we have planned. The impact brought 2x increase in our online sales presence.

ServicioEstrategia digital

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  • 73 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, T'bilisi 0102, Georgia

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