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At Lemur in the box we develop digital solutions to materialize the value of our customers. We are a young and restless company, immersed in new technologies and we do not contemplate borders or limits for our development. Digital work takes us there where they need us, no matter how far away they are.

Mobile, Backend, Frontend, in multiple technologies and enviroments

Consulting and Programming
Software development is a fundamental part for organizations to have efficient resources. Our consultants, analysts and developers generate solutions to achieve a fast and efficient digital evolution of our clients.

System integration
The existence of an interconnected world and thousands of systems and applications that exchange information has led to the need for developments and integrations capable of interconnecting systems, standardizing communication protocols, and analyzing and synthesizing information.
A multidisciplinary team allows us to develop "middleware" oriented to the integration of new platforms or horizontal developments in existing environments.

Graphic Design and Usability
Usability is a key factor in adapting users to applications. In Lemur in the Box we know, and our design team work in an integrated manner with the rest of the departments. In this way, the visual aspect and user flow become an added value in our projects.

Servicios (2) ofrecidos por Lemur in the Box SL

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