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To win the digital marketing game, you need to get noticed, get clicked and make sales. We’ll help you do it, with effective SEO strategies, ultra-compelling Paid ads, highly optimised content, and a website that glides people all the way to your checkout. All backed up by analytics that helps you keep on improving your customer experience, to turn first-time buyers into loyal advocates. We do all of this in-house, where our specialist team of digital dynamos use insight, process and experience to build you a marketing strategy that’s proven to deliver.
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  • Descripción
    SEO services in both English and Spanish. Give your company the best chance of being seen in the search engines!

    If you want your website to be found by the right people on Google and Bing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes it rank higher for whatever they’re typing into the search box.

    Whether your company is national or you’re looking for local customers, we use a proven combination of technical SEO, content marketing, link building, and outreach to get more people landing on your site.

    We're award-winning and have helped some of our clients with 3-year revenue targets within 12 months of working together. Some of the areas we cover are:

    - Technical SEO
    - Link Building
    - On Page SEO
    - Keyword Research
    - Backlinks
    - Local SEO
    (6) Habilidades en SEO
    Local SEOSearch Engine AdvertisingLink BuildingSearch Engine OptimisationSEO ServicesSmall Business SEO
    (2) Trabajos en SEO
    Educational law firm increase organic traffic by 6 - SEO
    1255% increase in non branded traffic - SEO
    (2) Clientes en SEO
    Living DNAE-commerce | international
    Education AdvocacyServicios legales | national

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  • Descripción
    Do you want to get people talking about your brand? Digital PR will boost its online presence massively, especially when working hand in hand with a killer SEO strategy.

    How can Digital PR improve your business?

    - Secure high quality backlinks to improve SEO and rankings
    - Improve website traffic
    - Create brand awareness and trust
    - Generate leads and create sales

    Digital PR combines skills from traditional PR, SEO, content marketing and search. Helping brands manage and grow a reputation online, whilst building a digital footprint.

    Just like traditional PR, Digital PR is achieved by building a strong network of online writers, journalists and bloggers. Creating super-targeted, exciting campaigns shared across a whole host of online platforms.

    Get in touch to find out more,
    (4) Habilidades en Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)
    Link Buildingseo rankingpr and marketingBrand Awareness
    (2) Trabajos en Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)
    Educational law firm increase organic traffic by 6 - Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)
    1255% increase in non branded traffic - Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)
    (2) Clientes en Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)
    Living DNAE-commerce | international
    Education AdvocacyServicios legales | national

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2 trabajos subidos por Minty Digital

Educational law firm increase organic traffic by 6
Educational law firm increase organic traffic by 6

Proyecto realizado para Education Advocacy en el sector Servicios legales para un público B2C en 2021. Overview Education Advocacy provides legal support and guidance to parents of children with special educational needs throughout the UK.After working with another Agency and not seeing the results they wished for, they were recommended to Minty Digital where we took over their SEO and Google Ads Campaigns. Campaign Objective Our main objective was to drive more leads to the website for people wanting EHCP plans for their children. We knew that the legal sector was very competitive and infamous for it’s high cost per clicks on keywords….So we had to think outside the box 📦 Our Strategy We took different approaches to help build our clients customer list, focusing on both educating prospective clients about our services and also running direct response ad campaigns to help drive inbound leads. SEO * Creating in-depth, comprehensive guides around what an ECHP is, the processes for obtaining one and various other pieces of information relating to the subject. * Building high-quality links from special needs directories, universities and through local publications. * Keyword researched content plan to ensure regular optimised content was being published on the blog * On-page SEO to ensure the website has the best chance of ranking for keywords we want to target SEO Results * Top 3 positions for keywords such as ‘EHCP Plan’, ‘EHCP’ and ‘education, health and care plan’ * 4200 organic clicks as opposed to 66 clicks for the same time period last year – 6263.64% increase * 245,000 organic impressions compared to 1600 organic impressions for the same time period last year Snapshot of increase in traffic year on year

Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)SEO
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1255% increase in non branded traffic
1255% increase in non branded traffic

Proyecto realizado para Living DNA en el sector E-commerce para un público B2C en 2021. the goal: increase non-branded search traffic. how we got there. Alongside technical SEO and existing content improvements, we put a heavy focus on developing the blog.Keyword research was carried out to find the most popular searches in the industry, we then analyzed the competitive landscape to identify which of these keywords would provide the most value.By creating consistently high quality and engaging content, we achieved 1st position ranking for several high search volume keywords. for example. We wrote we achieved: Viking ancestry | 400 searches per month – 1st positionViking heritage | 150 searches per month – 1st positionViking DNA traits | 100 searches per month – 1st positionThen, we worked alongside the team at Living DNA to assist them in the creation of new commercial pages providing a range of SEO implementations including keyword mapping, in depth keyword research, FAQ creation, page speed optimisation, and metadata creation. Results 1st position rankings:Free DNA upload | 500 searches per month 1st positionUpload raw DNA data | 700 searches per month 1st positionUpload DNA | 400 searches per month 1st position

Relaciones Públicas (RRPP)SEO
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  • Sede centralAv. de la Catedral, 6, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

  • 20-22 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7GU, UK

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