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Gonni is an independent branding studio with presence Barcelona, New York and Buenos Aires. Established in 2012 we work with small and big companies around the world. Our focus is on developing consistent graphics systems and strong visual identities that let brands be memorable in the real world. We fill the gap between brands and people. We work with a 3 stage model (Research, Diagnoses, Design) which allows us to understand, analyze and take action on the client's needs. The result of this process is a strong and consistent graphics system applied to any platform required, from small corporate to full identity systems. We help companies to: - Create and launch a new brand. - Improve the communication and reach the right audience of a brand - Reflect the changes in the company or product Other services we provide are Visual Identity, Strategy, Tone of voice, Brand Architecture, Creative writing, Experience design and Art Direction. is your communication truly pushing your business model strategy? let's talk
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6 trabajos subidos por Gonni Agency

Branding and packaging for a luxury brand
Branding and packaging for a luxury brand

Proyecto realizado para Pia Cortes en el sector Ropa y accesorios para un público B2C en 2015. Early in 2016, Pía Cortés entrusted us with the launching of its autumn-winter campaign and its corresponding entrance into the Argentine market.The Brand had to be positioned as a premium brand within a segment already abundant in leather clothing offer. Pía Cortés’s distinguishing factor lay in its prime quality leather treatment as well as its excellence in confection and level of detail of their products..

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño GráficoE-commerce+1
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Rebranding a tech company
Rebranding a tech company

Proyecto realizado para Hibox en el sector Internet para un público B2B en 2017. Originally born as a social network for businesses, Hibox had a strategy change in 2016, when it became a chat application for communication between work teams.Upon landing in the European market in mid-2016, the company found out that the approach to its brand strategy was more associated with following the leader of the segment that identifies with the real characteristics of the company itself.

Branding y posicionamiento de marca
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Packaging and store
Packaging and store

Proyecto realizado para All Saints Café en el sector Bebidas para un público B2C en 2018.As one of the top specialty coffee chains in Buenos Aires, All Saints Cafe is well know for their premium handcrafted in-store brand experience. Because of the fast growth in the past year, a centralized and controlled communication program for all their touch-points showed upas a clear necessity.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingDiseño Gráfico+2
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Rebranding a new trip experience
Rebranding a new trip experience

Proyecto realizado para Boostribe en el sector Viajes y ocio para un público B2B / B2C en 2018.Boostribe is an intense week-long experience in which students, graduates and entrepreneurs from all over the country visit more than 15 emblematic companies of the city of Buenos Aires and meet their protagonists. At the end of the experience, the participants become part of a diverse and collaborative community. Their goal is to provide their customers with the context that encourages their initiatives and encourages them to find their goals and give them the containment that we all need when leaving our comfort zone to grow as people and professionals.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingDiseño Gráfico+1
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BrasUP rebrand and packaging design
BrasUP rebrand and packaging design

Proyecto realizado para Brasup en el sector Catering para un público B2C en 2018.BrasUP is the practical and natural solution to light the fire to cook on the grill without losing the essence of the traditional barbecue. The product is a box that contains a natural system of autoignition and 4 kg of premium charcoal, all in one. It does not contain chemicals and is 100% disposable so it does not give flavor to what is cooked and does not contaminate.It prioritizes the practicality and comfort of those who need to light the fire.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingDiseño Gráfico+1
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Smart contracts redesigned
Smart contracts redesigned

Proyecto realizado para Signatura en el sector Banca y finanzas para un público B2B / B2C en 2018.Signatura provides solutions for transparency, authentication, counterfeit-proof certification and data integrity using blockchain technology. With Signatura you can sign or approve documents between multiple parties through a simple, secure and legally binding process. It is being used for: digital contracts, company workflows, petitions, purchase orders, employment paperwork, internal policies.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaCopywritingEstrategia de contenidos
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3 reseñas de Gonni Agency

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Facundo CabreraCEO & Founder en BrasUP
My company had been growing in recent years and my communication and growth needs were evident. I was worried about delegating this task to someone who could understand not only my needs but also my business. Having someone who understands not only design but also business was the key aspect of Gonni. They met the expectations widely and strengthened both, internally and externally my company. I highly recommend their services and I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Borja MartelBusiness Development Manager en Signatura
I have known Gonni Agency for a long time, I know how they work and I have heard wonders about previous experiences of my acquaintances. For this reason, I did not hesitate to contact them when I had the opportunity to redesign the image of Signatura, I knew that they would not fail me. Being in an industry that is considered a new market, while having such a particular product, the challenge of communicating exactly what we wanted was a big issue. They were able to interpret our needs perfectly, exceeding the initial expectations we had regarding the project. This definitely is a point to highlight, Gonni always surprised and delivered more and better than we expected. I would not hesitate to work with them again. Looking forward to having new media and branding done by them!!

Francisco PérezFounder en Boostribe
Now I fundamentally believe that ideas don’t transform brands; relationships do. Gonni truly knew how to become familiar with our company, with our philosophy, vision, customers, and environment in order to clarify and, specifically, define the purpose of the redesign we needed. As a client, I can recommend, without reservation, the talents and products of Gonni. Rodri and Ignacio’s “big picture” skills are only matched by their keen eye and a real attention to detail. They will create a memorable design that reflects the best of your organization as well as capture the imagination of your most challenging clients. If you want a world-class design work for your company, you should put their number on your speed dial.

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  • Sede centralRonda de Sant Pau, 47, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

  • Av. Dorrego 2133, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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