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Ubicación de Royal Comunicación

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Royal Comunicación


Acerca de nosotros Royal Comunicación

Our company is 12 years old and we have a lot of customers who have stayed with us for those 12 years. Our main customers are: Auchan, Bluespace, PSA Retail, Consum, Udima, Parcel ABC and Man Medical.

We monitor campaigns 365 days a year. We are open 365 days a year to attend incidents 24 hours a day.

We are entrepreneurs, university professors and researchers. We attract talent in the universities and business schools where we teach.

We write scientific articles about digital marketing and web analytics in international JCR and Scopus journals.

We have a very close relationship with all our clients. We speak with them at least once a day, even if we have nothing urgent to talk about, and we meet personally with the steering committee once a week.

Innovation: we answer everyone who would like our help or guidance and we consider all possibilities. This approach is the reason we have partners in 7 countries.

Technology: Our IT team has 16 In-house specialists with huge knowledge of Google Analytics.

We closely follow the Google agency department guidelines. We work side by side to improve Skill Metrics.

Analytics is our passion. We use it intensively for audience targeting, not just for reports. Our team spend many hours every day researching behavior and identifying opportunities.

These are the most important things that we concentrate on: attribution models, assisted conversions, cross device and cross Channel. Both the customers and us have a lot of fun in this part because we all learn a lot together.

We integrate Analytics with the customer's CRM to measure the real conversions. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the sale of a car or a cosmetic surgery operation. In this way we can identify which campaign generated the conversion. In addition, we keep a daily record of customer results, measuring the actual CPA.

We measure calls, forms, whatsapp messages and other conversations.

We use a range of software such as: optimize, spaceboost, cliccease, makemereach and semrush among others.

We carry out quantitative and qualitative research with IBM SPSS statistics software.

Our team has a lot of experience using Smart Biding. We have customer accounts where 100% of the investment is managed with Smart Biding and Smart creatives have been adopted.

We always use the machine learning recommendations that Google makes. We keep track of the actions we activate and check the results to learn lessons. We regularly review these recommendations and provide evaluation alerts for the results. The actions which work are applied to other campaigns and other customers.

We run experimental campaigns to compare how different campaign settings affect the results.

Some of the software we use gives us insights generated by machine learning. We evaluate whether these recommendations are appropriate and we apply them where appropriate.

We compare our company with the operation of a Michelin starred restaurant. We consider that managing a good restaurant is very complex and requires a lot of effort. This metaphor helps us to help our employees understand that things can always be done better, that a higher level of excellence can always be achieved and that our customers are looking for that excellence in us.

Good environment, employee well-being, trust and professional development are key points.

We survey employees to find out what their personal and professional priorities are so we know their expectations and can thus offer a personalized life plan.

Certifications are very important, so employees earn an economic retribution every month for every Google certification they pass.

We have an internal communication application called Dialenga. This application is installed in all the mobile equipment of the team. Using this application, we communicate both formally and informally: birthday greetings, news about customers, and employee of the month, among others.

Recognition of professional merit with nominations for employee of the month. Every month we pick one of our employees and reward them with a check to buy Amazon products.

We offer mobility and telework solutions, health insurance, scholarships for Masters studies, language courses, gym fees, childcare and gourmet checks.

Company management is always close to the employees at difficult times: pregnancies, paternities, maternities, divorce and health or economic problems. Most of our employees have been at Royal for over 8 years.

We test everything!

Trabajos (6) por Royal Comunicación

Lorusso: consultoría sector del lujo internacional
Lorusso: consultoría sector del lujo internacionaljulio de 2019
Alcampo: contenidos, influencers y social ads
Alcampo: contenidos, influencers y social adsjulio de 2019
Bluespace: tecnología y advisory en digital
Bluespace: tecnología y advisory en digitaljulio de 2019
Consum: Desarrollos para la transformación digital
Consum: Desarrollos para la transformación digitaljulio de 2019
Man Medical: Lanzamiento y consolidación digital
Man Medical: Lanzamiento y consolidación digitaljulio de 2019
KIA Latam: Transformación Digital
KIA Latam: Transformación Digitaljulio de 2019

Servicios (5) ofrecidos por Royal Comunicación


Trabajamos seo desde hace 13 años y utilizamos las mejores tecnologías para afrontar proyectos competitivos.

Estrategia digital

Analítica Web/Big data

Diagnostico y proyección basado en analíticas de comportamiento web de los usuarios.

Creación de Sitios Web

Publicidad Online

Optimizamos las acciones a diario, amplia optimización.

Reseñas (8) Sobre Royal Comunicación



Fernando Gisbert  hace un mes

Consum S Coop V



Royal es una agencia digital que además de conocimientos técnicos y estar al día en las últimas tecnologías, aporta una visión de negocio y de marketing indispensable para llevar a cabo proyectos web con éxito. Tienen un foco muy claro en dar buen servicio a los clientes. Son proactivos en proponer proyectos nuevos, se adaptan a tus necesidades y gestionan los proyectos de forma profesional. Llevamos más de cuatro años trabajando con ellos y lo seguiremos haciendo en el futuro.

Raffaele Forgione  hace un mes

Helen Doron Ltd



We have been working with Royal for many years now. We can consider them an asset of our company. Their professionalism and competence have made us achieve great goals both in terms of digital presence and in lead generation for all targets related to our business.

Adrián Arsuaga Laborde  hace un mes

Laborde Consultores



Gracias a Royal Comunicación hemos alcanzado un nivel de notoriedad y hemos alcanzado nuestro público objetivo. Laborde Consultores no alcanzaría sus objetivos sin contar con una buena estrategia en marketing digital y ésto no sería posible sin contar con el mejor partner que hay hasta la fecha.

Angel Azuaga Rodríguez  hace un mes




Team of Professionals, who effectively and efficiently solve all online marketing approaches of our Company.

Daniel Martínez  hace un mes

MAN Medical Institute



Llevamos trabajando con Royal casi un año y la experiencia no puede ser mejor. El trato es muy cercano, son uno más del equipo, y lo más importante, tienen una disponibilidad y predisposición que nos permiten huir de la sensación de "abandono" que puedes tener cuando otras agencias te ofrecen packs de horas de trabajo de su personal. Su experiencia en estrategia online, y ser Google Partners, nos ha ayudado a posicionarnos muy rápido y con garantías en el mercado. Si lo que buscas en una agencia es un compañero de viaje que optimice tu presupuesto y multiplique tus resultados, estás en buenas manos.

Pedro Brazo  hace un mes

Fernandez Galbis Ramirez de Cartagena



For us, working with Royal means having the assurance that all the needs of our company will be fulfilled professionally, efficiently and on time. We have worked with different agencies and we really like how quickly they respond. And of course how they always add value to our ideas.

Eduard Bosch  hace un mes




Our company is working with Royal since 2013. Royal is a very professional agency. They are experts in online marketing campaigns. High knowledge in Google SEM, SEO and Social Media. Team is very dynamic and understand easily the projects.

Eduard Bosch  hace un mes




Our company is working with Royal since 2013. Royal is a very professional agency. They are experts in online marketing campaigns. High knowledge in Google SEM, SEO and Social Media. Team is very dynamic and understand easily the projects.