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We are a digital studio. We craft products, business and systems for people. ___ Secuoyas creates unique digital experiences oriented to conversion and centered in the users. They have more than 19 years of experience in the sector of new technologies. Since 2001 they have worked in the design and development of digital strategies and they have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a long history in products, businesses and systems design. Our capabilities: Strategy and Leadership Product Strategy
 Brand Strategy
 Product Leadeship
 Product Management Organizational Design
 User Experience management Design Systems Design User Research and testing
 Information architecture Interaction Design Rapid prototyping Brand design Motion design Content design Data visualization Engineering API Design and development Front-end development CMS Design and implementation
30 personas en su equipo
Habla Español, Inglés
5 trabajos en su portfolio
Trabaja de forma remota en todo el mundo
Miembro de Sortlist desde 2020
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    Our unique design framework and processes are shaped by our human-centred approach and expertise.
    (8) Habilidades en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Digital & Web DesignDesignResponsive Web DesignWireframingUser Experience DesignUser Interface DesignDigital Innovation Labs & PrototypingPrototyping via code
    (5) Trabajos en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Helping LaLiga to reach the top - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Car leasing made easy - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    The Carrefour universe in a single app - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Iberia Design System - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    (5) Clientes en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    LaLiga to reach the topEntretenimiento y eventos | international
    CarrefourE-commerce | international
    LeaseplanAutomoción | national
    Our response to the pandemicSin fines de lucro | international

    Más información sobre Usabilidad (UX/UI)

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5 trabajos subidos por Secuoyas

Helping LaLiga to reach the top
Helping LaLiga to reach the top

Proyecto realizado para LaLiga to reach the top en el sector Entretenimiento y eventos para un público B2C. Spanish football has been an industry with millions of fans all over the world for some time now, and although it can boast an audience of almost 3,000 million viewers, it still has room for further growth.That is why LaLiga, the organising body of Spanish soccer competitions, invested in strengthening its digital strategy and various projects related to internal infrastructure, data traceability and the digital services it provides to users. Our work focussed on three main areas: redesign of the public website, functional redesign of the CMS and mapping and optimisation of work processes.

Estrategia digitalUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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Car leasing made easy
Car leasing made easy

Proyecto realizado para Leaseplan en el sector Automoción para un público B2B.Leaseplan Go catalogue es really big, they offer thousands of different vehicles. So helping the user to find and inspect the car they need is critical, whether if they are looking for an specific car or just looking around, playing with the options.

Estrategia digitalUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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The Carrefour universe in a single app
The Carrefour universe in a single app

Proyecto realizado para Carrefour en el sector E-commerce para un público B2C. Food? Clothes? Electronics? Wine and Spirits? Petrol? Offering more than two million products online in a single app is a huge challenge for the architecture and browsing experience, but not the only one.MiCarrefour has the firm intention of accompanying the user, offering personalized services and promotions before, during and after the omnichannel purchase process.The result: an application with multiple customization and configuration options, in-store purchasing assistant, better product information, discounts and payment methods.

Estrategia digitalUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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Iberia Design System
Iberia Design System

Proyecto realizado para Iberia en el sector Aviación y aeroespacial para un público B2C en 2017.Iberia contacted Secuoyas in order to design their main direct sales channel: is external), which was split into two versions, the .com and the .mobi adapted for mobiles.Our work was divided into 2 phases:- Create a coherent system: digital, multi-device and accessible.- Improving the usability of the processes, the conversion in the purchase of tickets and to serve as a model for defining the structure of micro-services which would provide support for the interface.At present, we have proved that the system covers the new requirements of the products and facilitates the solution for Iberia’s future digital projects, helping the brand to continue to grow in the future.

Estrategia digitalInnovaciónUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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COVID·19-ES: the data visualization
COVID·19-ES: the data visualization

Proyecto realizado para Our response to the pandemic en el sector Sin fines de lucro para un público B2C en 2020.Informational site for all things related to the coronavirus crisis in Spain. Only neutral and verified information.Five sections:Data visualizationContext: the origin of the pandemicChronologyAPISources and resourcesMore

Consultoría de DatosCreación de Sitios WebEstrategia de contenidos+2
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  • Sede centralCalle Botánica, 4, 28028 Madrid, Spain

  • Franzstraße 15, 82140 Olching, Germany

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