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Need help creating a new brand? Want to sort out or update your existing brand? The Brandbean is here to help.

We are a boutique brand development agency - a small, but highly experienced team of brand experts and graphic designers. Founded by Hilary Strong, ex Brand Director at Unilever, The Brandbean offers a range of services, all focused on growing brands.

The Brandbean offers three key services.

  1. Qualitative market research. We firmly believe in the value of consumer insight, of deeply understanding what consumers want and why. From focus groups to ethnographic studies, offline, online or blended solutions, we conduct all sorts of qualitative research. We are set up to respond to briefs in Spain, UK, France and right across Central and Latin America. Our own investigations have included pioneering research into women and advertising, Gen Z and Millennials.

  2. Brand positioning, strategy and innovation. At the core of a strong brand lies a clear sense of positioning; who is the brand for, what do they need, and how does this brand meet that need, better than the competition. We work with clients to ensure that their brands are really clearly thought through, always unique, always with a clear sense of identity and purpose. We work on strategy – weaving business and brand together. We run innovation workshops, often side by side with clients to create pipeline of innovation ideas, all consistent with the brand and its purpose.

  3. Brand identity, graphic design, content and communication. We take brand positioning and turn it into highly creative, unique unique branding solutions that include core brand logos, visual assets, key messages and all brought to life in a set of brand guidelines. We create content strategies and turn them into materials. We bring brands to life in ongoing communication materials including corporate literature, advertising campaigns, videos, websites, social media content, conference material……the list is endless!

Our clients include major multinationals (Unilever, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Diageo, McDonald’s) as well as all sorts of start-ups. In fact over the last few years we have helped launch over 30 new brands including bars, restaurants, clothes, food and technology brands. For these new businesses, we have helped develop the concept, the name and then created all branding and launch material.

Our team is small but multinational, Directors with senior experience (15+ years each) and working personally on every project, side by side with clients. We have offices in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, combining the very best of European and Latin American talent and creativity. In the last year we have worked with clients in Mallorca, Barcelona, UK, France, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and the USA.

Drop us a line to see more of our case studies or have a chat about a brief, we would love to help you grow your brand. 

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  • Descripción
    We can help start up teams to take an idea and turn it into a unique, positioned brand. We work with clients to develop their concept, testing, naming, visual branding and all forms of communication including videos, social media and printed materials. We also work in market research and with multinationals on major strategy and innovation projects. Pricing totally varies - we work at a fast and flexible end of the budget for start ups, and generally longer term, more complex (and higher budget) projects for multinationals. We treat each project individually.
    (7) Habilidades en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Creative ConceptStrategyBrand StrategyPositioningConcept DevelopmentInnovationMarket Research
    (13) Trabajos en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Son Brull , Rural Sanctuary - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Resignificando la industria de la moda para niños - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Tostado Café - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Branding de un nuevo mundo de sabores - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    (13) Clientes en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    ESPNOtros | international
    The Nim BarRestaurantes | local
    prma consultingConsultoría de gestión | international
    FOQHospitales & salud | regional

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  • Descripción
    All forms of graphic design; brand identity, logos, corporate literature, printed materials, digital and social media, videos. We have worked with lots of start ups for whom we have designed all elements of their business operations, as well as rebranding major existing brands (e.g. ESPN Latin America). We work with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels as well as retail, sports and fashion brands. Budgets vary by client and the complexity of the brief.
    (8) Habilidades en Diseño Gráfico
    IdentityGraphic DesignBrandingPackagingDigital DesignDesignCréation de logoCommunication
    (17) Trabajos en Diseño Gráfico
    Son Brull , Rural Sanctuary - Diseño Gráfico
    Resignificando la industria de la moda para niños - Diseño Gráfico
    Tostado Café - Diseño Gráfico
    Reinventing popcorn - Diseño Gráfico
    (17) Clientes en Diseño Gráfico
    The Nim BarRestaurantes | local
    Portlebay PopcornCatering | national
    Tostado Cafe ClubCatering | local
    Maia BaudelaireE-commerce | local

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18 trabajos subidos por the brandbean

Son Brull , Rural Sanctuary
Son Brull , Rural Sanctuary

Proyecto realizado para Son Brull en el sector Otros para un público B2C.Son Brull es uno de los primeros hoteles de lujo ubicado en la Isla de Mallorca, con servicio premium, pero relajado, artesanal y familiar. Un hotel con historia, creado en un antiguo santuario, donde eran recibidos los viajeros de aquellos años. Hoy transformado en un lugar para disfrutar no sólo de las comodidades del hotel, sino también de su entorno natural.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño Gráfico
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Resignificando la industria de la moda para niños
Resignificando la industria de la moda para niños

Proyecto realizado para The Extra Smile en el sector Ropa y accesorios para un público B2C.The Extra Smile es una marca de moda de alta gama para niños entre las edades de 3 y 8 años, basada en el trabajo justo de las personas y amable con el planeta y la naturaleza.Son parte de #fashionrevolution, respetando las formas de trabajo justo en cada una de las etapas de la creación de las prendas. Es una marca colorida, fresca, con diseños duraderos y cómodos para los niños.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño Gráfico
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Tostado Café
Tostado Café

Proyecto realizado para Tostado Cafe Club en el sector Catering para un público B2C.Tostado is a new café, a concept firmly based in the concept of Fast Good Food. A simple menu with delicious, fresh ingredients and all food prepared on the premises. Tostado is both an amazing sandwich, and also refers to the great toasted coffee grain, so this cafe is a celebration of this amazing pairing. We came up with the name, developed the concept and worked on all elements of branding, visual identity, graphic design, product packaging and contributed to interior design. Tostado has recently opened a third café in Buenos Aires.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño GráficoEstrategia de contenidos
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Reinventing popcorn
Reinventing popcorn

Proyecto realizado para Portlebay Popcorn en el sector Catering para un público B2C.Popcorn is instinctively childish - with it's knobbly shape, funny texture and memories of childhood. So what happens when you take all of that fun and combine it with flavours and an image that are adult focused? Portlebay Popcorn - inspired by the English seaside, memories of sand castles, the big wheel and the great outdoors. We developed the full brand identity for this new brand, including all packaging and a second wave of flavours in 2014. We also developed the website, merchandising and PR materials, and all social media communication for launch.

Diseño Gráfico
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Branding de un nuevo mundo de sabores
Branding de un nuevo mundo de sabores

Proyecto realizado para The Nim Bar en el sector Restaurantes para un público B2C.Nace en el corazón de San Telmo, en Buenos Aires una nueva propuesta gastronómica, combinando la mejor cerveza artesanal con una variedad de platos gourmet. Nace una nueva combinación de sabores, una nueva categoría, no sólo entre las cervecerías sino entre los bares de la ciudad. Recreando un ambiente natural, único, un nuevo espacio de sensaciones para disfrutar con todos los sentidos.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño Gráfico
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Branding a cool new bar in Buenos Aires
Branding a cool new bar in Buenos Aires

Proyecto realizado para Victoria Brown cafe bar en el sector Bebidas para un público B2C.We worked with the client team and architects in every element of this new cafe / bar. Located in the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Victoria Brown is a celebration of invention, design and machinery. From the name and principal logo (hand-drawn) through to menus, PR, social media and all graphic communication, we sought to bring this concept to life.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño Gráfico
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