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Concept, design, branding and brand experience. This is how we obtain a brand that is differentiated, authentic and with a bright future. We use our own methodology to manage projects… everything is under control.

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  • Descripción
    If your brand was a person, what would they say and how would they say it? What would they do? At Waka we create and develop solid brands with personality. We use strategic planning and analysis focused on creativity to provide a new approach. Waka is a branding agency where nothing is random and everything is developed following a specific methodology. We find whatever makes you special and we align it with whatever your clients are searching for. We cover the whole process of brand creation: from the conceptualization to the design. We do not stop with the brandbook, we move the brand´s expression and experience into diverse channels.
    (4) Habilidades en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Corporate BrandingRebrandingbusiness brandingbranding positioning
    (1) Trabajo en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    ESENZZIA - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    (1) Cliente en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    ESENZZIAArtículos de lujo y joyas | national

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  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (2) Habilidades en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Web Designweb graphic design
    (1) Trabajo en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    ESENZZIA - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    (1) Cliente en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    ESENZZIAArtículos de lujo y joyas | national

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Proyecto realizado para ESENZZIA en el sector Artículos de lujo y joyas para un público B2C en 2021.The proposal given to Esenzzia has been complicated. In the perfumery sector it is common to find archetypes based on the use of models and photographs of people that the client tends to identify with. In this case, we were looking to get away from this tactic. Our objective is to focus the client on the brand´s vital strength: the quality of its products, without misleading the user with empty promises. A totally typographic image, a lot of black over white, clear and direct. Everybody is in a hurry and at Esenzzia we will not waste your time. “Do you want a perfume for going out, or would you prefer something fresher? Or why not both? The communication line talks naturally to its clients, helps them find something in which to improve, it is simple, clear and direct. The design translates those patterns in a visual way. An authentic and realistic base with great ability to evolve and gain awareness.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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AWWWARDS2020-04-30Mobile Excelent

AWWWARDS2020-04-30Honorable Design


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  • San Diego, CA, USA

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