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What's Enrenow? We are an agency; but, of which kind? If we were in the 80s, we would have it crystal clear: a publicity agency. However, as the world in which we are living changes, such term seems insufficient. We prefer to talk about content (branded content), relationships (social media), and stories (storytelling). The one thing we are clear about is that, no matter what, the need of companies to connect with their clients will continue. Human beings will keep on desiring and brands will carry on requiring such desire in order to sell their products, services or experiences. The only thing that will change will be the way of being in contact with each other. When such thing happens, we can assure you that we will be there. Analyse in order to understand Without information, decision making is utterly sterile. In order to take action, the best is to know the field, the brand’s situation, its positioning and that of the competition. It is only this way that we will be able to detect where to find that opportunity which will make our business grow. Strategy is creativity Without different proposals, a brand is foreseeable and ends up becoming boring. Communication is effectiveness, and such communication requires new approaches to the same old problems, especially when the scenario is no longer what it was before. Content production This is the alchemy; the possibility of bringing the strategy to the battlefield. Be it either a logotype, a webseries, a post in Facebook, or an article on a blog or in a magazine. Amplification Great! We already have the message packed and ready to be sent through the means which we consider more appropriate to achieve our goals. This, in one way or another, will be linked to something occurring in the digital world. Real Results None of the things above said would make any sense without the objectivity of numbers. These will verify what happened with the content, who saw it, or whether it produced the interactions that we wanted it to generate. Fortunately, all can be measured in the digital world. Give me 5! The wheel keeps spinning. Once we have the results, we analyse, we draw the relevant conclusions, and we implement improvements where necessary; and in this way over and over again. 
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    Sin propuestas diferenciadas, una marca es previsible y termina por aburrir. La comunicación es eficacia y ésta requiere nuevos planteamientos a los problemas de siempre. Más aún cuando el escenario dejó de ser el que era.
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