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Transformation Consultants and Doers
We catalyse conscious business growth through people, brands and experiences Making your company worth admiring Living in an environment of continuous transformation, people and companies look to Allegro 234, a consultancy firm that knows how to blend social and environmental consciousness, strategic thinking and rigorous creativity to catalyse unexpected growth. We craft solutions considering human-centred cultures, brands and experiences around a shared purpose. We integrate people and their good work across your business, to thus create a positive change in its whole value chain and connect key audiences more than ever before. We detect emerging patterns and shape them to create value and obtain results in a world accelerated by digitisation processes, which changes without previous warning, erratically and chaotically. We merge formulation and implementation into a fluid process through which creative business concepts evolve. This is the way we help our clients to catalyse growth. Solutions Living Brands Innovative Culture Impactful Marketing Connected Experiences
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Habla Español, Inglés, Portugués
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Fundado en 2003
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  • Descripción
    The brand as a strategic business platform has begun a transformation process allowing a better adaptation to new challenges –and also old ones which have regained prominence.

    It is worth remembering that the importance of brands stems from the fact that business strategy and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin:
    - When talking about corporate strategy, what is sought is how to satisfy customer needs so that the company is successful:
    - When the focus is on branding what is pursued is to establish what the company needs to do to make its clients successful.

    This applies to large companies as well as SMEs, in moments of conceptualization, creation and activation of said brands.

    Understood in this way, the brand as a strategic platform synthesizes its institutional purpose, business legacy and aspirations.
    (6) Habilidades en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    branding de lujobranding B2Bbranding internacionalbrandingbranding industrialInternational Branding
    (2) Trabajos en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Una marca que trasciende al negocio - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Nueva Marca para Nuevo Modelo de Negocio - Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    (2) Clientes en Branding y posicionamiento de marca
    Casa del LibroVenta por menor | national
    CosentinoConstrucción | international

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  • Descripción
    The answer lies within thinking, saying and acting in a sincere and straightforward -though by no simple means, manner.

    To achieve extraordinary results, the organisation has to manage a balance between what it promises to the outside world and the values internally lived.
    In this critical digital time, clients wish to work with a human and humane organisation co-creating in agile ways new products, services and experiences.

    The path for such meaningful and transforming experiences is based on business consciousness and co-creativeness.
    (7) Habilidades en Innovación
    Augmented Reality (AR)Co-creationVirtual RealityAugmented RealityDesarrollo de nuevos productosInnovaciónAugmented Reality Development
    (1) Trabajo en Innovación
    La Bodega como Casa de la Marca - Innovación
    (1) Cliente en Innovación
    Bodegas Montecillo | OsborneVinos y licores | international

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12 miembros en el equipo de Allegro 234

Allegro 234 cover
HistoriaFounded in 2003 as an independent consultancy company, Allegro 234 is focused on transformation catalysing conscious business growth through people, brands and experiences. Our main objective is to make your company worth admiring!
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  • Sede centralCalle de Matías Turrión, 18, 28043 Madrid

  • Av. Dorrego 1711, C1414CKM CABA, Argentina


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