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La Coruña, España
Creative content, good reputation
Nasas is a Digital Creative Agency with an aim to increase your business opportunities , using online marketing and communication strategies and tools. Since we started out on this journey, we have won various international awards for our works , such as Luum Awards, SIA, dotCOMM, CMA, PHNX, Wina, etc. Our clients are such as brands as ABANCA, Supermercados Gadis, Husqvarna, STACBond from very diverse areas like finance, retail, NGOs, construction, technology, fashion, drinks and beverage or health. We take our CSR very seriously , which is why you will see us participating in conferences and seminars for women entrepreneurs. We love uploading music to our Spotify playlists and we are most happy doing what we like doing. And yes, we love brainstorming.
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Habla Español, Inglés, Italiano
7 proyectos en su portfolio
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Fundado en 2011
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  • Descripción
    It’s important that you have a road map of how to manage your brand in the market, or how to improve it on the Internet.
    (4) Habilidades en Estrategia digital
    Consultoria de estrategia SaaSVenta socialMarketing onlineMarketing de calle
    (4) proyectos en Estrategia digital
    UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO - Estrategia digital
    ABANCA - Estrategia digital
    TALL SHIPS RACES A CORUÑA - Estrategia digital
    BE ONE - Estrategia digital
    (4) Clientes en Estrategia digital
    BE ONEDeportes |
    TALL SHIPS RACES A CORUÑAEntretenimiento y eventos |
    ABANCABanca y finanzas |
    UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGOEducación | national

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  • Descripción
    Social networks are a very effective customer loyalty and dialogue tool. Besides it being necessary to have a well-crafted image, you also need to establish a high quality content marketing strategy for your current and potential followers.
    (13) Habilidades en Redes Sociales
    twitter marketingInstagram MarketingCoût-par-ClicFacebook MarketingSocial Marketingsocial media engagementsocial media strategysocial media designsocial media brandingsocial media services+3
    (5) proyectos en Redes Sociales
    UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO - Redes Sociales
    ABANCA - Redes Sociales
    CABREIROÁ - Redes Sociales
    TALL SHIPS RACES A CORUÑA - Redes Sociales
    (5) Clientes en Redes Sociales
    BE ONEDeportes |
    CABREIROÁBebidas |
    TALL SHIPS RACES A CORUÑAEntretenimiento y eventos |
    ABANCABanca y finanzas |

    Más información sobre Redes Sociales

  • Descripción
    It is essential to support our social media content, a Social Media Ad strategy which use the best techniques available to reduce your CPC, CPM, and CPF.
    (7) Habilidades en Publicidad Online
    social media campaignonline marketing campaignsocial advertisingDigital advertisingInstagram MarketingDigital CampaignSocial Media

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  • Descripción

    Brand is everything. It reflects who you are, what you do and where do you want to go. At Nasas we bring your brand’ soul to every online and offline platform with CREATIVITY and UNIQUENESS.We love to create new advertising concepts in order to put in the world a new business or product. We can help you distinguish from your competitors, helping you find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

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  • Descripción
    We create high quality content marketing strategy for your current and potential followers.
    (3) Habilidades en Estrategia de contenidos
    online marketing campaignBrandingDigital Campaign

    Más información sobre Estrategia de contenidos

  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (1) Habilidades en Marketing

    Más información sobre Marketing

  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (3) proyectos en Publicidad
    GADIS - Publicidad
    ZARA - Publicidad
    (3) Clientes en Publicidad
    GADISVenta por menor |
    UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGOEducación | national
    ZARARopa y accesorios |

    Más información sobre Publicidad

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  • Sede centralRúa Francisco Mariño, 15004 A Coruña, Spain