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WonderBits is an analysis, design and software development services company. We are internet based and operate from Spain with a worldwide focus.

We make our customer's business ideas a reality. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we offer beneficial solutions without the need for intermediaries or the externalisation of fundamental parts of the project.

This enables us to: create products tailored to the customer's needs, control all aspects of the project and establish logical initiatives to lower initial budgets. Additionally, we create high quality prototypes, which are great tools to demonstrate the products value prior to scaling up for commercial use.

Our specialities in development are open-source based solutions, well established frameworks such as WordPress or Drupal, and mobile platforms for Android and iOS.

Our domain of overall expertise range from infrastructure scaling analysis, web applications, corporate web & applications, marketing campaign graphic design and copyrighting to mobile application development in major platforms.

We cover everything from branding, graphic design and SEO to bleeding edge computer technology as well as a high-quality user experience. We are masters in design thanks to our specialist design team and excel in printed press publishing, web design, promotional animated videos, mobile application interface design and product packaging.

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  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (26) Habilidades en Aplicación Web
    Information DesignTypescriptWeb DesignSOAPDigital Product Developement (Web/Mobile)CMSDigital & Web DesignIonicCRMERP+16
    (6) Trabajos en Aplicación Web
    GPAnalytics - Aplicación Web
    PerformanceG3 - Aplicación Web
    Smartify - Aplicación Web
    Cómovamicoche - Aplicación Web
    (6) Clientes en Aplicación Web
    Gestión Postventa Automoción S.L.Seguro | international
    CómovamicocheSoftware y servicios informáticos |
    Gestión Posventa AutomociónLogística y cadena de suministro |
    ForfirmSoftware y servicios informáticos |

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  • Descripción

    No hay ninguna descripción para este servicio.

    (22) Habilidades en Diseño Gráfico
    BrandingWeb DesignMotion GraphicsInfographsUX DesignLayoutIllustrationLogoUX/UI DesignLogo Design+12
    (4) Trabajos en Diseño Gráfico
    PerformanceG3 - Diseño Gráfico
    Nomenclátor - Diseño Gráfico
    Under 25 - Diseño Gráfico
    Geografía Gráfica de Jijona - Diseño Gráfico
    (4) Clientes en Diseño Gráfico
    Gestión Postventa Automoción S.L.Seguro | international
    Jijona City CouncilViajes y ocio |
    La RambletaGobierno y administración |
    Jijona City CouncilGobierno y administración |

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10 trabajos subidos por WonderBits


Proyecto realizado para Gestión Posventa Automoción en el sector Logística y cadena de suministro para un público .GPAnalytics is an analysis application for data and business intelligence which solves the necessary issues generated by related applications PerformanceG3 and GPA. This allows for the visualisation of the vast quantity of data generated by them. Designed to facilitate visualisation and ease of use, it has been implemented in Angular 5 and Node.js 8 leaping to TypeScript 2.6 for greater stability at the same time as maintaining a high performance and lower needs for infrastructure despite the volume and complexity of the data produced.

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebApp móvil+1
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Proyecto realizado para Gestión Postventa Automoción S.L. en el sector Seguro para un público B2B en 2016.

Analítica Web/Big dataAplicación WebDiseño Gráfico+1
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Proyecto realizado para Forfirm en el sector Software y servicios informáticos para un público .Smartify is an ambitious platform that was conceived with the aim of connecting the different agents which constitute different aspects of the industrial market.It allows for the easy management of both raw materials in their initial phases as well as finished products, giving companies complete control regarding the integration and association between all parties involved in the supply chain. This project has been developed by applying cutting-edge technologies in Javascript and Java programming, such as Node.js, AngularJS or ElasticSearch. It has also been integrated into mobile platforms through responsive design and PhoneGap. The platform has been designed from scratch using clean patterns based on Google Design Material.

Aplicación WebApp móvilUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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Proyecto realizado para Cómovamicoche en el sector Software y servicios informáticos para un público . Cómovamicoche is a mobile application developed specifically for iOS and Android, establishing links between clients and their insurance companies whom will connect them with a car repair garage. These networks in turn create links with insurance companies.It allows users to know and keep updated with the condition of their vehicle in the garage and readily complete the necessary paperwork for the incident with their insurance company from the application itself.Originally implemented in iOS and Android and with a .NET web based platform and frontend to browse in AngularJs. Instant chat services via XMPP are implemented from functions in Node.js and linked to the three client platforms: Android, iOS and Web.

Aplicación WebApp móvilCreación de Sitios Web
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Proyecto realizado para Interpreters' Help en el sector Software y servicios informáticos para un público B2C.An application for iOS devices designed to help interpreters search terms in an effective way, enabling users to use and share glossaries and even work without an internet connection.Developed primarily in Swift for iOS and orientated towards iPads of all generations, resulting in the optimisation of each device. Realm.io was integrated in order to accelerate searches and synchronisation of glossaries within the web platform.The design and functionality of the interface makes Boothmate one of the most useful tools for interpreters on the market which has made it the best application for iPad of its kind.

App móvil
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Proyecto realizado para Jijona City Council en el sector Gobierno y administración para un público .A book designed for the Jijona City Council. "Xixona entre dos époques. El Nomenclátor de la Ciudad de Jijona de 1887".Under the care of the authors Marisa Francés and José Bernabé. Editorial design, printing management, photo retouching, front cover design and layout for a mixed publication, half text research and the other half facsimile.

Branding y posicionamiento de marcaDiseño GráficoPublicidad
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WonderBits fue galardonado 6 veces

CREATIVE POOL AWARDS 20172017-05-31Gold in Illustration Category
CREATIVE POOL AWARDS 20152015-05-311º Premio Categoría Ilustración.
YOUNG GUNS2007-08-31Bronze Bullet
Young Guns Finalist 20122012-08-31
30th International Film Fest of València Cinema Jove2016-07-31
Dribbble x Ello: Make Good 20172017-09-30


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Yann PlancqueelSoftware engineer and co-founder en The Walking Nerds
Wonderbits is a highly talented team with which we have been working on different project web and mobile. We've always been very satisfied with the delivery. They respect the timeframe and the budget allowed and the team is available for communication on a daily basis. I highly recommend.


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  • Sede centralCmo de la Iglesia de Vera, 46022 Valencia, Spain